Traveling is more fun these days

I have been traveling for a few years now and have gathered many friends along the way. I meet so many people when I travel, for that matter I meet many people when I’m at home to. My girlfriend says I talk to everyone. I didn’t really think about it until she pointed it out. I do talk to anyone that is standing near me. If I’m in the store I talk to the people in line. If I’m at the park walking the dog I talk to anyone that gets close to me. I talk to people everywhere I go.
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We recently started traveling with people in groups instead of just my girlfriend and me. We have a few different friends we travel with and have a lot of fun. The couple we most travel with are Rusty and Misty. Rusty is a great guy and always has time to talk. He loves people and it shows. We recently went on a cruise and started playing a lot of ping pong. We even entered a ping pong tournament. The cruise was to Alaska and it was fantastic. We ate too much as usual so I am on a diet and exercise program now, but it’s all well worth it. If you get the chance to go to Alaska on a cruise do it. And he does window tint to¬†

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